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Your tax-deductible gifts enable us to care for our unique collection, create dynamic exhibits, and provide educational and entertaining programs for children and adults. 


Checks should be made payable to:

Historical Foundation of Hillsborough and Orange County

and mailed to:

201 N. Churton Street

Hillsborough, NC  27278

Please provide your mailing address and email with the check and let us know if you are making the gift in memory or honor of someone special.

Credit Card

To donate using credit card, bank draft or PayPal, click the button below:


Prefer to give something more concrete? We have compiled a list of items we need.

Thank you to our supporters!

Susan Alden

Sherry Appel

Fred and Mary Archer

Rick Ashby

Robin and Jarrett Barnhill

Bailey Bee Supply

Emma Beckham

Leandra Bedini

John Beerman

Bridget Booher

Tonya Brami

Nils Brubaker

Steven Burke

Kevin Byrne

Anthony Cacich

Randy Campbell

Amy and Oliver Cayron

Chapel Hill Historical Society

Cara Chinery

Jeffrey Clark

Martha Coates

Chris and Amy Cole

Gail Cooley

Cam Cover

Kaye and Joe Crawford

Henrietta Croom

Anna Currie

Sherelyn Bass Daigle

Carolina Day

Guido and Catherine De Maere

John and Beverly DeMao

Trish and Dan Dennis

Abelardo Dextre

Glenn and Lizzie Dicker

Marguerite Dingman

Onita Dodds

Jennifer Drolet

Cody Dyce

Dale Edwards

​Knox Jones Efland

Betty Eidenier

Jay Enterkin

Nancy Espersen

Kathleen Ferguson

Charles Fischer

Missy Julian Fox

Judy Frank

Susan Frankenberg

Laura Frankstone

Sarah Geer

Dr. Martin and Susan Giesecke

Eric Gilmore

Nancy Haines

Dennis Hermanson

Matt Hughes

Kim Wooten Humiston

Hon. Verla Inska

Marion Jackson

Robin and Barry Jacobs

Marsha and Thomas Jepsen

Kathleen and F. Reed Johnson

David and Mary Knox

Vicky Kruckeberg

Barbara Levy

Anna Linvill

Brianna Loomis

Beth Louden

Tom and Diane Magnuson

Jennifer Maher

Elizabeth Matheson

Richard McCleary

Hervey and Jane McIver

Laura Juel

Kate Millard

Mary Morrison

Michael Muller

Pip Merrick

​Thierry Murad

Susan Newrock

Carl Nold

Iain Nolen-Weathington

Julie Nye

Ken and Linda Ostrand

Janice Palmer

James Parsley

Lynn Parker

Michael G. Parker

Anne Parks

Beverly Payne

Stuart Paynter

Al Peloquin

Steven Petrow

Gregg Phillips

Nancy Powell, MD

Anne Parks

Rachel Quinn

Tom Rankin

Pat Revels

Jeau Ricca

Judy Richards

Jackie Rimmler

Saru Salvi

Rich Shaw

Donna and Bruce Spencer

Ann Spurrier

Joe Stroud

Jenn Sykes

Mollie Thomas

Ron Thorn

Cathleen Turner

Lauren Turner

Jenn Weaver

Ron Weisenfeld

Grace White

Mary Beth Wilkie

Elizabeth Woodman

Kathie Young

Class Ring.JPG

1941 Hillsboro High School Ring donated by John L. Snipes

and Elgin Pocket Watch donated by Rebecca Wall

Donating Artifacts

The museum collects items related to the history of Orange County and

we are delighted to accept new artifacts into our collection.

Please know:

  • The museum does not have a chronological cut-off date for acquisitions.

  • The Orange County Historical Museum assumes that the donors and vendors are the sole and lawful owners of materials being donated or sold. The museum takes no responsibility in establishing ownership prior to or subsequent to a donation or purchase.

  • All donations are subject to formal approval by the Exhibits Committee of the Board of Directors.  Upon acceptance, the material becomes outright and unconditionally owned by the museum and may be used in any manner within the professional discretion of the Orange County Historical Museum. This may include the eventual disposal through deaccessioning from the permanent collection if deemed necessary according to Collections Policy guidelines.

  • The Orange County Historical Museum cannot agree to exhibit material permanently, keep material permanently, or guarantee donor acknowledgement with material on exhibition or in other uses.

  • When the Orange County Historical Museum accepts an item into its collection it pledges to care and preserve the object to the best of its ability in perpetuity and provide access to the public when it does not endanger the safety of the item. 

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