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The Awesome Adventures
of Minnie Brown

Minnie Brown is little collie puppy with a big imagination.

She lives in Cedar Grove in 1905 and likes to create dramas.

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Minnie Tries to be Useful.png

In the fall of 1905, a teeny tiny collie puppy is sleeping in a crate at a gristmill when the George Whitted and his 5 boys arrive. Can the puppy impress the Whitteds enough with her dramatic skills to get adopted?

Available at the museum or through

Trouble begins when the Whitteds get busy on their farm and send Minnie out to make herself useful. She has no idea how to do that and tries  to learn from the other animals what to do.

Available at the museum or through the Chapel Hill Historical Society


Learn the history of Orange County through the awesome adventures of this extraordinary dog.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Museum

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